Business Sectors

Consumer Electronic Products & Climate Systems

Hvac systems

Electra, a market leader in the Israeli HVAC market for 75 years, sells over 400k units annually. Manufacturing, importing, exporting, and distributing HVAC systems (heating,
ventilation, and air conditioning) in Israel and Europe.

A strategic partnership with Bosch Thermo Technology has resulted in the acquisition of 40% of our HVAC manufacturing operation. As a joint effort, we are conceiving an innovative technology park for developing HVAC systems in South Israel.

Nurturing Brands

More than 50 years of experience in importing and distributing global and local consumer electronics brands. Each year, we sell more than 750 thousand products through 1000 sales points throughout Israel. We know the Israeli electric goods market inside out, building each brand according to its value proposition and the positioning relevant to it, be it budget or premium.


The company has established a unique mono-brand concept store in Herzliya Pituach in partnership with Miele, one of the largest international luxury electrical goods brands. The store exhibits the brand’s many high-quality product lines and hosts events for architects and private chefs.