Immediate Reports

An approval by the commissioner for the cooperation with Cal and Bank Hapoalim regarding the establishment of a customer club


In a cooperative agreement with a held company of Bariah for setting up a company in the field of solar-system-components’ distribution


Response to publications concerning the control of Bitan wines


Investment in Bitan Wines; Bitan Wines is working to obtain financing in the total sum of approx. NIS 200 million


A 3-year framework agreement with a European client for the development, production and supply of heating systems


Update and extension of the subsidiary-company agreement with a European client regarding the development, manufacture and supply of heating systems until 2026


Publication date of the report for the 3rd quarter of 2022 on November 27, 2022


A streamlining program at Bitan Wines, an acceleration in launching Carrefour, a provision in the Q3/22 financial statement that will result in a decrease of NIS 50-60 million in the net profit


Maalot affirms the issuer’s ilAA-/STABLE rating


Maalot announces an 'ilAA-' rating for the extension of A bonds in the amount of up to 100 million NIS Par Value.


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