Electra Consumer Products; Revenues in the second quarter of 2022 increased by about 70% to about NIS 1.5 billion, The increase in revenues in the quarter is attributed to growth in the sectors of electrical retail and electrical consumer products, as well as to the inclusion of the results of the food sector. The net operating profit in the quarter, excluding the other income section, increased by about 27.5% to about NIS 54.8 million

Electra Consumer Products opens the year with a quarter of growth: Revenues in the first quarter of 2022 increased by about 108% to about NIS 1.45 billion. The increase in income – mainly from the inclusion of Bitan Wines’ results. The net profit in the first quarter increased by about 17.6% to about NIS 41.8 million

Maalot S&P confirmed the rating of Electra Consumer Products; ‘-ilAA’ on a steady horizon. The rating company noted the company’s leading position in the sector of electrical consumer products and climate systems, and the high synergy between the group’s divisions; In its estimation, the conversion of the company’s food chain branches under the Carrefour brand and the operation of the 7-Elevn convenience store chain will support the growth of business activity

ECP closes a strong year: 2021 revenues have grown some 81% to approx. ILS 6.4 billion; profit from continuing operations is up some 90% to ILS 9.171 million EBITDA in 2021 soared 107.7% to some ILS 418 million

Electra Consumer Products is moving to Oracle’s public cloud. For the first time in Israel: a central group in the economy will manage all its computing services in the public cloud; in a strategic groundbreaking move, Electra Consumer Products will transfer the computing system of all the companies in the group to Oracle’s cloud

For the first time in its history Electra Consumer Products is issuing bonds to investors: The company received high demands of approximately NIS 672 million during the institutional phase of the Series A issue; Of these, the company chose to raise about NIS 240 million